Cité des métiers - Beroepenpunt
Cité des métiers - Beroepenpunt

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Avenue de l’Astronomie, 14
1210 Bruxelles (Arrêt Madou)

Lundi - mardi – mercredi - vendredi :
09:30 à 16:00
Jeudi : 13:30 à 19:00
(vacances scolaires : 13:30 à 16:00)


H 1 Het verhaal van Betty


Eenvoudig Communiceren B.V.


53 blz


BF Tremplin

Langues ; Néerlandais

In the series ' picture book ' the story of Betty. Because her washing machine broke, she does the was at the laundry. She finds a wallet and sees to the photo on the ID card that this is the man who in the laundromat is a sleep. She says nothing. At home she gets the money out and buy clothes for her son and herself. She has it not wide. But at night they can not sleep. When they get to the laundry, she is the man. He tells her about the loss and that he needed money for a new bike for his daughter. The guilt at Betty is increasing, she decides to sell some stuff and writes a letter to the man and sends him back the money. He calls her up to say thanks and they even speak.

Public Public Papier BF TREMPLIN Néerlandais Beeldboek 0 A4/18/21802727 (2 ex) Métier Cde 11941 Bruxelles Formation;Cité des métiers

Plan de classement : A1.06 Commerce et support à la vente

URL : http://www.eenvoudigcommuniceren.nl/informatief/werken-in-stagegidsen/werken-in-de-winkel

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